Guardox™ CA
Carnosic acid concentrate
Price : 60.00 EUR ( Click here to check you member price ) Package : 1 L/bottle
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Guardox™ CA is a kind of decolorized and deorderized, oil-soluble Carnosic Acid Concentrate, it is used as natural antioxidant to block automatic oxidation of lipid in culinary and meat products. 


Culinary, Processed meat, Oil & fats

Key Benefits

- Block lipid oxidation

- Negligible impact in odor and color

- Shelf life extension

- Organic labelling 


Rosemary extract E 392 is approved in the EU additives regulation No. 1129/2011. It was evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in 2008 (EFSA, 2008) and then again in 2015 to extend it uses to fat based spreads (EFSA, 2015). Rosemary extract is also approved for use as a food additive in Japan, China and Singapore. Rosemary extract is allowed in the United States as a flavor although it appears on some food labels as a preservative.