Fixolor™ PK
Vinegar and Vegetable extract blends
Price : 25.00 EUR ( Click here to check you member price ) Package : 500 gr/bottle
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Currently, most natural cured meat products depend on low levels of nitrite to provide limited protection against Listeria and Clostridium. However, consumers are more aware of clean-label ingredients, especially when buying meat and poultry.


Fixolor™ PK can meet consumer demands for a cleaner ingredient statement while providing enhanced food safety and longer shelf-life. It is effective against Listeria and Clostridium, and also provides desirable cured meat color and flavour. 



Fixolor™ PK – Effective color stabilizer and Clostridium and Listeria inhibitor 



Meat, Poultry and Fish

Bacon (pre-cooked); bologna, corned beef, cured poultry, frankfurter, ham

                    2.5-5.0 g/kg




Key Benefits

 Boost pink color;

 Inhibit Clostridium and Listeria;

 Extend shelf life;

 Natural, friendly labelling.




Fixolor™ PK is labelled as vinegar and vegetal (Chard, Acerola) extract, which are approved as GRAS by FDA, USA. 


The regulations governing the use of Fixolor™ PK vary considerably in the countries in which it is currently approved. Advice regarding the legal status of this product is available on request.