Guardox™ BL
Bamboo leaf extract
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Oxidation and development of rancidity is a major challenge for food manufacturers, reducing shelf-life and altering the quality and nutritional value of their products. Consumers’ interest in natural antioxidants has increased dramatically over the past years and the general trend requires the substitution of synthetic molecules (e.g. erythrobates, BHA, TBHQ, BHT, propyl gallate, and Sodium nitrite) with natural compounds.

Guardox™ BL is a natural bamboo leaf extract rich in Flavonoids, and is used as a multi-functional antioxidant flavoring for preventing lipid antioxidation, decreasing the use level and residue of nitrate or nitrite colorants, antibacterial, color retention, odor-removing and taste-modifying in various foods.


Addition of Guardox™ BL when mixing the food stuffing (calculated in % w/w or mg/L on the basis of food stuffing, previously dissolved in water or alcohol).





Potato-based foods

-Delay of rancidity

-Anti- acrylamide

-Inhibit MDA formation

0.01-0.1% (w/w)




-Nutrition intensifier

-Lower the turbidity

-Inhibit diacetyl content

60-500 mg/L

Soft drinks

-A new nutritional healthcare drink

-Clearing heat, quenching thirst, soothing the sore throat, and inducing diuresis

-Sugar usage may be appropriately decreased

150-200 mg/L

Fruit and vegetable drinks

-Has a unique cool taste with vivid and stable color

-Resist oxidation of fruit juice, make anthocyanin stable, and protect VC

-Has good compatibility with fruit-juice system

-No change on the flavour, colour and texture

120 mg/L




-Effectively prevents lipid oxidation

-Prolongs mayonnaise shelf life

-No significant effects on colour and sensory quality

0.03% (w/w)





-No change on colloid system and sensory quality

75 mg/L

Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Dry and semi-dry sausage

-Effectively delays lipid oxidation

-Efficiently reduces formation of Acrylamide


-Has good water-maintaining and moistening performance due to presence of multi-hydroxy phenolic compounds

-Significantly inhibit formation of N-nitrosamine and reduces the use level of colorants (nitrates or nitrites) and the residue of these colorants

0.03% (w/w)

Aquatic products


-Delay of rancidity


-Effectively inhibits astacin (astaxanthin) color-fading oxidation and shrimp-head blackening oxidation

-Obviously decreased certain bacteriostatic

-No change on the flavour, color and texture

0.015% (w/w)

Key Benefits

-Delay rancidity


-Anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic

-Partly alternative to nitrate or nitrite colorants

-Deodorizing and enhanced aroma

--Shelf life extension

-Clean labeling


The recommended labelling of Guardox™ BL is bamboo leaf extract, and there are major differences in national legislation concerning the presence and levels of Guarex™ BL in various food products. Always be sure to check the current legal situation with the appropriate local authorities or contact Handary.