Proteria® CA
Fermented (cane) sugar
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Clean and taste supreme lead the top consuming trends of condiments. Controlling pH in these products is the key to extend shelf-life stability and prevent spoilage caused by microorganism. Conventional methods of preservation such as vinegar is to provide strong acidity but compromising on taste.


Proteria® CA is composed of natural weak-acidic metabolites produced by fermenting sugar with food culture. It is mainly used to control water activities and pH stability to form barriers of microorganism growth, maximizing overall quality and microbial stability in a variety of condiments products. Thus, Proteria® CA creates a longer-lasting and taste supreme profile for condiments.





Proteria® CA -  Effective Lactobacillus spp and yeasts inhibitor for




Cooking sauces

3-9 g/kg

Dips and spreads

3-9 g/kg

Deli salads

3-9 g/kg


5-9 g/kg


5-9 g/kg

Pasta sauce

3-9 g/kg

RTE soups

3-9 g/kg

Salad dressings

3-9 g/kg


Key Benefits

- Maintain food fresh and authentic appeal

- Prevent microbial growth

- Shelf life extension

- Natural, clean labeling


Proteria® CA is recommended to label as cultured (cane) sugar, which are approved as GRAS by FDA, USA.

The regulations governing the use of Proteria® CA vary considerably in the countries in which it is currently approved. Advice regarding the legal status of this product is available on request.