Fixolor™ PK
Vinegar and flavoring blends
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The first impression consumers have of any food is its color and thus color is of utmost importance. For examples, fresh and cured meat color both depend on myoglobin.

Fixolor PK is the formulation of acerola, spinach, chard and vinegar powder as natural alternative to nitrates / nitrites for boosting pink color and inhibiting Clostridium in cured meat items.





Cured meat

Bologna, Frankfurters, Polish Sausage

Boost pink color and inhibit Clostridium and Listeria


Hams, Bacon (Precooked), Cured Poultry, Pastrami, Corned Beef



*Direction for use

1. Prepare a slurry: Fixolor PK - 4g + Water (pre-warmed 37°C) - 45g

2. Incubate for 9-12 hours at 25 °C.

3. Add the slurry (50 g) to 1 kg of meat/ sausage (instead of curing salt).

4. Add 1.6  2.0% of salt (NOT curing salt) to the meat/sausage in order to replace the salt of the curing salt.

5. Prepare meat/sausage as usual.

6. The color of the meat/sausage will be as pink as with the curing salt.

Key Benefits

- Boost pink color

- Inhibit Clostridium and Listeria

Extend shelf life



Fixolor™ PK is used as natural flavoring, the ingredients are approved as GRAS by FDA, USA.