Chitoly™ AB
Agaricus bisporus-sourced Chitosan
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The growing consumer demand for foods without chemical preservatives has caused all efforts to focus on the discovery of new natural ingredients. Fungi chitosan has been accepted as an aid-processing additive of natural origin in Australia, New Zealand, EU and USA.


At Handary, Chitoly™ AB is acidic-soluble fungal chitosan extracted from the cell walls of Agaricus bisporus and is mainly used as fresh-keeping coating and clarification on fresh foods.






Orange Juice

Delay of rancidity, ascorbic acid degradation and microbial spoilage, clarification

1.2 g/L

Apple juice

1.5 g/L

Carrot juice

2 g/L


Soy sauce

1 g/kg

Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh fruits

10 g/kg

Meat, poultry & fish

Fresh ground meats

10-20 g/kg

Fresh sausages

10-20 g/kg


Key Benefits

• Edible and biologically safe preservative coatings

• Shelf life extension

• Natural, clean-label as aid-processing 


Chitosan has been recently approved for use as a novel food ingredients and aid-processing in Europe ((EC) No. 258/97, EFSA), USA (21 CFR 170.36, FDA), Australia and New Zealand (F2014L00033, Food Standards Australia New Zealand).


The regulations governing the use of Chitoly™ AB vary considerably in the countries in which it is currently approved. Advice regarding the legal status of this product is available on request.