Antipack™ AF
Bio-degradable active antifungal film
Price : 35.00 EUR ( Click here to check you member price ) Package : 1 m2/piece
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Consumers prefer nature and high-quality food products packaged in a lower-environmental-impact package, while manufacturers need convenient, effective, clean-label anti-mold solutions to reduce food waste and safety risk by extending food shelf life. Antipack™ achieved a good balance between consumer and food manufacturer’s choice.


Antipack™ is a kind of active antifungal biodegradable film used to prevent the mold growth by releasing gradually fermented sugar activities from the film onto the surface of solid foods such as semi-/hard cheese and dried sausages during the shelf life period.  The product used the advanced controlled-released technology to combine biodegradable hydrophobic Polylactic acid (PLA) and hydrophobical fungal Chitosan containing-fermented sugar to produce the health, convenient, cost-efficient antimicrobial film.  


*The product is only avialable in Belgium concerning on the regulatory. 


 Solid foods such as hard cheese, dried sausage

Key Benefits

-Growth control of mold;

-Anti-oxidation due to high-barrier film;

-Shelf life extension;

-Biodegradable & recycled film;

-90% transparent film with highly even film thickness; 

-Good heat-sealing properties and hot tack (Max. 160°C) in automatic packaging;

-No reported allergic or sensory reactions;

-Less antimicrobial effect without penetration into the foods;

-Little or no influence on taste, flavor, color of foods.